Two year bible reading plan

January Year 2February Year 2March Year 2
Date1st Reading2nd ReadingDate1st Reading2nd ReadingDate1st Reading2nd Reading
1Acts 1Ezra 11Romans 4Esther 9-1011 Corinthians 16Job 30
2Acts 2Ezra 22Romans 5Job 122 Corinthians 1Job 31
3Acts 3Ezra 33Romans 6Job 232 Corinthians 2Job 32
4Acts 4Ezra 44Romans 7Job 342 Corinthians 3Job 33
5Acts 5Ezra 55Romans 8Job 452 Corinthians 4Job 34
6Acts 6Ezra 66Romans 9Job 562 Corinthians 5Job 35
7Acts 7Ezra 77Romans 10Job 672 Corinthians 6Job 36
8Acts 8Ezra 88Romans 11Job 782 Corinthians 7Job 37
9Acts 9Ezra 99Romans 12Job 892 Corinthians 8Job 38
10Acts 10Ezra 1010Romans 13Job 9102 Corinthians 9Job 39
11Acts 11Nehemiah 111Romans 14Job 10112 Corinthians 10Job 40
12Acts 12Nehemiah 212Romans 15Job 11122 Corinthians 11Job 41
13Acts 13Nehemiah 313Romans 16Job 12132 Corinthians 12Job 42
14Acts 14Nehemiah 4141 Corinthians 1Job 13142 Corinthians 13Proverbs 1
15Acts 15Nehemiah 5151 Corinthians 2Job 1415Galatians 1Proverbs 2
16Acts 16Nehemiah 6161 Corinthians 3Job 1516Galatians 2Proverbs 3
17Acts 17Nehemiah 7171 Corinthians 4Job 16-1717Galatians 3Proverbs 4
18Acts 18Nehemiah 8181 Corinthians 5Job 1818Galatians 4Proverbs 5
19Acts 19Nehemiah 9191 Corinthians 6Job 1919Galatians 5Proverbs 6
20Acts 20Nehemiah 10201 Corinthians 7Job 2020Galatians 6Proverbs 7
21Acts 21Nehemiah 11211 Corinthians 8Job 2121Ephesians 1Proverbs 8
22Acts 22Nehemiah 12221 Corinthians 9Job 2222Ephesians 2Proverbs 9
23Acts 23Nehemiah 13231 Corinthians 10Job 2323Ephesians 3Proverbs 10
24Acts 24Esther 1241 Corinthians 11Job 2424Ephesians 4Proverbs 11
25Acts 25Esther 2251 Corinthians 12Job 25-2625Ephesians 5Proverbs 12
26Acts 26Esther 3261 Corinthians 13Job 2726Ephesians 6Proverbs 13
27Acts 27Esther 4271 Corinthians 14Job 2827Philippians 1Proverbs 14
28Acts 28Esther 5281 Corinthians 15Job 2928Philippians 2Proverbs 15
29Romans 1Esther 629Philippians 3Proverbs 16
30Romans 2Esther 730Philippians 4Proverbs 17
31Romans 3Esther 831Colossians 1Proverbs 18

April Year 2May Year 2June Year 2
Date1st Reading2nd ReadingDate1st Reading2nd ReadingDate1st Reading2nd Reading
1Colossians 2Proverbs 191Hebrews 6Song of Solomon 61Revelation 3Isaiah 33
2Colossians 3Proverbs 202Hebrews 7Song of Solomon 72Revelation 4Isaiah 34
3Colossians 4Proverbs 213Hebrews 8Song of Solomon 83Revelation 5Isaiah 35
41 Thessalonians 1Proverbs 224Hebrews 9Isaiah 14Revelation 6Isaiah 36
51 Thessalonians 2Proverbs 235Hebrews 10Isaiah 25Revelation 7Isaiah 37
61 Thessalonians 3Proverbs 246Hebrews 11Isaiah 3-46Revelation 8Isaiah 38
71 Thessalonians 4Proverbs 257Hebrews 12Isaiah 57Revelation 9Isaiah 39
81 Thessalonians 5Proverbs 268Hebrews 13Isaiah 68Revelation 10Isaiah 40
92 Thessalonians 1Proverbs 279James 1Isaiah 79Revelation 11Isaiah 41
102 Thessalonians 2Proverbs 2810James 2Isaiah 810Revelation 12Isaiah 42
112 Thessalonians 3Proverbs 2911James 3Isaiah 911Revelation 13Isaiah 43
121 Timothy 1Proverbs 3012James 4Isaiah 1012Revelation 14Isaiah 44
131 Timothy 2Proverbs 3113James 5Isaiah 11-1213Revelation 15Isaiah 45
141 Timothy 3Ecclesiastes 1141 Peter 1Isaiah 1314Revelation 16Isaiah 46
151 Timothy 4Ecclesiastes 2151 Peter 2Isaiah 1415Revelation 17Isaiah 47
161 Timothy 5Ecclesiastes 3161 Peter 3Isaiah 1516Revelation 18Isaiah 48
171 Timothy 6Ecclesiastes 4171 Peter 4Isaiah 1617Revelation 19Isaiah 49
182 Timothy 1Ecclesiastes 5181 Peter 5Isaiah 17-1818Revelation 20Isaiah 50
192 Timothy 2Ecclesiastes 6192 Peter 1Isaiah 19-2019Revelation 21Isaiah 51
202 Timothy 3Ecclesiastes 7202 Peter 2Isaiah 2120Revelation 22Isaiah 52
212 Timothy 4Ecclesiastes 8212 Peter 3Isaiah 2221Matthew 1Isaiah 53
22Titus 1Ecclesiastes 9221 John 1Isaiah 2322Matthew 2Isaiah 54
23Titus 2Ecclesiastes 10231 John 2Isaiah 2423Matthew 3Isaiah 55
24Titus 3Ecclesiastes 11241 John 3Isaiah 2524Matthew 4Isaiah 56
25PhilemonEcclesiastes 12251 John 4Isaiah 2625Matthew 5Isaiah 57
26Hebrews 1Song of Solomon 1261 John 5Isaiah 2726Matthew 6Isaiah 58
27Hebrews 2Song of Solomon 2272 JohnIsaiah 2827Matthew 7Isaiah 59
28Hebrews 3Song of Solomon 3283 JohnIsaiah 2928Matthew 8Isaiah 60
29Hebrews 4Song of Solomon 429JudeIsaiah 3029Matthew 9Isaiah 61
30Hebrews 5Song of Solomon 530Revelation 1Isaiah 3130Matthew 10Isaiah 62
31Revelation 2Isaiah 32

July Year 2August Year 2September Year 2
Date1st Reading2nd ReadingDate1st Reading2nd ReadingDate1st Reading2nd Reading
1Matthew 11Isaiah 631Mark 14Jeremiah 281Psalm 40-41Ezekiel 4
2Matthew 12Isaiah 642Mark 15Jeremiah 292Psalm 42-43Ezekiel 5
3Matthew 13Isaiah 653Mark 16Jeremiah 30-313Psalm 44Ezekiel 6
4Matthew 14Isaiah 664Psalm 1-2Jeremiah 324Psalm 45Ezekiel 7
5Matthew 15Jeremiah 15Psalm 3-4Jeremiah 335Psalm 46-47Ezekiel 8
6Matthew 16Jeremiah 26Psalm 5-6Jeremiah 346Psalm 48Ezekiel 9
7Matthew 17Jeremiah 37Psalm 7-8Jeremiah 357Psalm 49Ezekiel 10
8Matthew 18Jeremiah 48Psalm 9Jeremiah 368Psalm 50Ezekiel 11
9Matthew 19Jeremiah 59Psalm 10Jeremiah 379Psalm 51Ezekiel 12
10Matthew 20Jeremiah 610Psalm 11-12Jeremiah 3810Psalm 52-54Ezekiel 13
11Matthew 21Jeremiah 711Psalm 13-14Jeremiah 3911Psalm 55Ezekiel 14
12Matthew 22Jeremiah 812Psalm 15-16Jeremiah 4012Psalm 56-57Ezekiel 15
13Matthew 23Jeremiah 913Psalm 17Jeremiah 4113Psalm 58-59Ezekiel 16
14Matthew 24Jeremiah 1014Psalm 18Jeremiah 4214Psalm 60-61Ezekiel 17
15Matthew 25Jeremiah 1115Psalm 19Jeremiah 4315Psalm 62-63Ezekiel 18
16Matthew 26Jeremiah 1216Psalm 20-21Jeremiah 4416Psalm 64-65Ezekiel 19
17Matthew 27Jeremiah 1317Psalm 22Jeremiah 45-4617Psalm 66-67Ezekiel 20
18Matthew 28Jeremiah 1418Psalm 23-24Jeremiah 4718Psalm 68Ezekiel 21
19Mark 1Jeremiah 1519Psalm 25Jeremiah 4819Psalm 69Ezekiel 22
20Mark 2Jeremiah 1620Psalm 26-27Jeremiah 4920Psalm 70-71Ezekiel 23
21Mark 3Jeremiah 1721Psalm 28-29Jeremiah 5021Psalm 72Ezekiel 24
22Mark 4Jeremiah 1822Psalm 30Jeremiah 5122Psalm 73Ezekiel 25
23Mark 5Jeremiah 1923Psalm 31Jeremiah 5223Psalm 74Ezekiel 26
24Mark 6Jeremiah 2024Psalm 32Lamentations 124Psalm 75Ezekiel 27
25Mark 7Jeremiah 2125Psalm 33Lamentations 225Psalm 76Ezekiel 28
26Mark 8Jeremiah 2226Psalm 34Lamentations 326Psalm 77Ezekiel 29
27Mark 9Jeremiah 2327Psalm 35Lamentations 427Psalm 78Ezekiel 30
28Mark 10Jeremiah 2428Psalm 36Lamentations 528Psalm 79Ezekiel 31
29Mark 11Jeremiah 2529Psalm 37Ezekiel 129Psalm 80Ezekiel 32
30Mark 12Jeremiah 2630Psalm 38Ezekiel 230Psalm 81-82Ezekiel 33
31Mark 13Jeremiah 2731Psalm 39Ezekiel 3

October Year 2November Year 2December Year 2
Date1st Reading2nd ReadingDate1st Reading2nd ReadingDate1st Reading2nd Reading
1Psalm 83-84Ezekiel 341Psalm 120-122Hosea 71Luke 15Micah 6
2Psalm 85Ezekiel 352Psalm 123-125Hosea 82Luke 16Micah 7
3Psalm 86-87Ezekiel 363Psalm 126-128Hosea 93Luke 17Nahum 1
4Psalm 88Ezekiel 374Psalm 129-131Hosea 104Luke 18Nahum 2
5Psalm 89Ezekiel 385Psalm 132-134Hosea 115Luke 19Nahum 3
6Psalm 90Ezekiel 396Psalm 135-136Hosea 126Luke 20Habakkuk 1
7Psalm 91Ezekiel 407Psalm 137-138Hosea 137Luke 21Habakkuk 2
8Psalm 92-93Ezekiel 418Psalm 139Hosea 148Luke 22Habakkuk 3
9Psalm 94Ezekiel 429Psalm 140-141Joel 19Luke 23Zephaniah 1
10Psalm 95-96Ezekiel 4310Psalm 142-143Joel 210Luke 24Zephaniah 2
11Psalm 97-98Ezekiel 4411Psalm 144Joel 311John 1Zephaniah 3
12Psalm 99-101Ezekiel 4512Psalm 145Amos 112John 2Haggai 1
13Psalm 102Ezekiel 4613Psalm 146-147Amos 213John 3Haggai 2
14Psalm 103Ezekiel 4714Psalm 148Amos 314John 4Zechariah 1
15Psalm 104Ezekiel 4815Psalm 149-150Amos 415John 5Zechariah 2
16Psalm 105Daniel 116Luke 1:1-38Amos 516John 6Zechariah 3
17Psalm 106Daniel 217Luke 1:39-80Amos 617John 7Zechariah 4
18Psalm 107Daniel 318Luke 2Amos 718John 8Zechariah 5
19Psalm 108-109Daniel 419Luke 3Amos 819John 9Zechariah 6
20Psalm 110-111Daniel 520Luke 4Amos 920John 10Zechariah 7
21Psalm 112-113Daniel 621Luke 5Obadiah21John 11Zechariah 8
22Psalm 114-115Daniel 722Luke 6Jonah 122John 12Zechariah 9
23Psalm 116Daniel 823Luke 7Jonah 223John 13Zechariah 10
24Psalm 117-118Daniel 924Luke 8Jonah 324John 14Zechariah 11
25Psalm 119:1-24Daniel 1025Luke 9Jonah 425John 15Zechariah 12
26Psalm 119:25-48Daniel 1126Luke 10Micah 126John 16Zechariah 13
27Psalm 119:49-72Daniel 1227Luke 11Micah 227John 17Zechariah 14
28Psalm 119:73-96Hosea 128Luke 12Micah 328John 18Malachi 1
29Psalm 119:97-120Hosea 229Luke 13Micah 429John 19Malachi 2
30Psalm 119:121-144Hosea 3-430Luke 14Micah 530John 20Malachi 3
31Psalm 119:145-176Hosea 5-631John 21Malachi 4